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Chatroom/Message board

                Welcome to the LOKi PRODUCTION chatroom and message board part of the site.This is the part of the site I use to learn more about the people that come to my site.Leave some info about your self on the message board.Come into the chatroom and CHAT. This is not a adult chatroom.We don't care if you horny or not.So,don't come in here trying to cyber.You can talk about anything in my chatroom.Just don't cyber.
               Come into the chatroom and start a flow session.We don't have voice chat so you will have to key style.This is for all the wack ass rappers out there.Don't come in here talking all that shit about you the best rapper,because you will get ripped.This is for all the wack freestylers.Don't come in the chatroom typing shit that you wrote and calling it a freestyle.We know when shit is written.I don't give a fuck if it's clean or dirty.Oh yeah no hoodrats allowed.
             You can download the bravenet messenger here.Download the messenger if you want to keep in touch with me.If you don't like this messenger download one of the others one's.

Messenger Downloads