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              What up lil rappers of the future.I see you came here to check out some of my work.Every time i get a chance,i'm going to add some music to the site.I just started on this site around July 07,2001.So,i have'nt finished everything yet.I will be done with this site by August 15,2001.For now i got a couple tracks that i want you to listen to.Holla at me if you look them.
             All lyrics,drum loops,instrumentals should sold,copied,traded,remade,etc;.Without my permission.My beats are not to be used on your demos or albums.There for your personal listening pleasures.If you like one of my beats i can make you one.At a low fee.E-mail me for details.

    My Music Downloads   
           These are only drum loops.They are not the full lenght.This just a sample of the beat.If you have a drum machine you can loop the beat(s) on there,but you can't use them for your own demo.By downloading one of my beats you agree that you will not use them without my permission.If you do use them I will take action,even if it means taking it to court.I will also let the police know.By using my beat without my permission,that is called stealing.Just listen to my tracks,don't steal them ok.Thanks

1- Download my new drum loop. 15secs
2- LOKi crucial beat break down
3- Drum loop with slow tempo
4- Crucial beat break down part 2 the remix
           My Lyrics             

1- 2 Old ass written verse's
2- Fast Sparks
3- Gangsta Shit
4- Mic Check written freestyle 2000