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             I am the unfamous rapper LOKi if you did'nt know.I been rapping since the 5th grade.I been in about 10 rap groups, that never when no where.Most people sent demos to record companys.We sent letters asking for plane tickets,so we can come to them.Now i'm ready to battle anybody.
           My flowing skills are so raw.When I flow fast people say i'm the baby twista,when i flow slow people say i'm another LL COOL J. I never really cared about rapping intil about summer of 2000.In the summer of 2000 everybody called me weak because i would'nt battle.So,when we got to school i battled about once a month.Intil about May 2001.Thats when i said fuck it.After that i started battling everybody.It took me 2 days to rip the hardest rapper in are whole school.I ain't gone even lie that nigga the hardest rapper in that part of are city,but I ripped him so what do that make me.